I’m Ready for Post Lockdown Travel! Now What?

On a scale from 1-10, how ready are you for a vacation? If you asked me, I would say I am a 11! I will go ANYWHERE as long as it’s not home and as long as it is safe. But what does a safe vacation look like?

At the time of the update of this article (December 2020), most areas of California are under a Stay at Home Order. But when it is time, then it is best to be prepared now so you can get up and go and focus on having a great vacation.

What should you consider when planning a trip during COVID-19?

In the era of COVID-19 we are forced to consider the possibility of catching the virus and bringing it home with us when we are on vacation, so we will be considering our safety when deciding where to stay. But what does a “safe” vacation look like during post-lockdown travel?

A safe vacation won’t get you sick! Your lodgings will need to be thoroughly cleaned with EPA approved virucide products. And ideally, the vacation will take place in a location that has plenty of space for you to enjoy activities while limiting contact with other people. So let’s take a look at how the team at Lucky Bend Lookout is taking care of their vacation rental and what activities you can do during post coronavirus travel.

Lucky Bend Lookout is Super Clean

The staff of our cleaning company Gyn Cleaning are trained professionals and have been taking care of Lucky Bend Lookout for the past 2 years. They are following guidelines from the state of California. They thoroughly disinfect high touch surfaces such as as door handles, light switches, remote controls, cabinet handles, and appliances with EPA specifiied disinfectants, launder all linens with hot temperatures and disinfecting solutions, and apply sanitizing spray on all soft surfaces like the couch, padded headboard, and throw pillows. Unlike a hotel with dozens of guest rooms, hundreds of guests, and dozens of cleaning staff, they run a much smaller operation and have a small team that is using PPE and not coming to work when ill.

Having Fun with plenty of Space

So now that you are assured that Lucky Bend Lookout is safe, let’s talk about all of the physically distanced fun you can have when visiting! Lucky Bend Lookout is located right on the banks of the Russian River and has water access all summer. To go for a paddle or swim, all you have to do is step out the back door and go straight to the dock for a full day of fun on the water. With boats and floatings in the mix is actually pretty difficult to get within 6′ of strangers.

We also have several hikes nearby at Armstrong Woods as described here, and at Sonoma Coast State Park. If you visit Armstrong Woods earlier in the morning then you will avoid big crowds. Sonoma Coast State Park has hikes in several locations downriver from the house that are in the hills, and not located at crowded beaches. 

Wine tasting is likely to be limited for the next several months. At this time, you can go to a winery to pick up a prepaid online order and not allowed inside. But as the businesses start ramping up you should eventually be able to go inside to pick up a glass or bottle of wine and have a picnic outside the winery.

Safe Meals on Vacation

What about meals? If you like to cook, we have a fully stocked kitchen with all the gadgets you will need, plus a grill on the deck. Don’t want to cook? Let a local private chef cook for you at their home and deliver the meal to the house. Email me for info on the chef! Restaurants in the area will have limited seating capacity but you can always get takeout. You can even get takeout cocktails from our local bar, El Barrio! For more information on family friendly takeout take a look at this article.

Ready to plan your trip or have more questions? Shoot us an email at  LuckyBendLookout@gmail.com, give me a call at 415-516-6961, or comment on this post.

This local insight brought to you by your hosts at Lucky Bend Lookout; a modern yet family-friendly Russian River vacation home. Check our availability and book online or call/text Sarah at 415-516-6961 to reserve.